Charlotte Soccer  Academy is a member of the United States Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) and has been since its inception in 2007. CSA USSDA Program is comprised of 2 Divisions: CSA which has teams from U11 pre DA, and 12,13,14,15,116-17 and 18-19, and our  CSA North division caters to  the U11 pre DA, and U12 programs.

Player Development Philosophy

Our goal is to improve the quality of play at all levels of the game by developing a clear pathway to technically proficient, tactically aware, mentally astute, and physically equipped players.

CSA soccer philosophy is best describe below. 

It is the clubs  philosophy  to create a style of soccer for all of our teams that enhances possession of the ball through all departments of the field. At a degree which is highest for all levels of play, for players to enjoy the game through constant involvement in the game.

Developing a complete understanding of roles and responsibilities of every position and formations, in doing so we expect all of our players to be technically and tactically  proficient, and be confident with the ball in order to execute our playing philosophy. We encourage independent thinkers and players who show confidence in their ability to solve individually and team problems both on and off the field, to express themselves with creativity in everything they do. We encourage a holistic approach to the development of our players in order to develop the complete person.

 Our philosophy is to develop players who are exciting, dynamic, and creative in attack and organized patient and resilient in defense. We encourage high levels of fitness and mental strength to execute our philosophy both in and out of possession in the transitional moments of the game

CSA NORTH Schedule